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palaMOUNTAINS mybeau Vitamin & Mineral

A supplement for cats & dogs and birds to improve skin & coat condition, immunity, digestion, overall health & fur balls in cats.

MyBeau offers a unique blend of omega 3 & 6 essential fatty acids while also providing the important water (B Vitamins) and fat soluble (A, D, E Vitamins) at 99.5% absorption rates. This means that the nutrients that are provided in MyBeau are absorbed straight into your pets' bloodstream, therefore offering superior health benefits often seen within days of feeding. MyBeau also contains flavourings of yeast, meat & garlic for high palatability.

Use MyBeau Cat & Dog for:

  • Improvements in health/vitality (improved immunity)
  • Improved skin coat condition
  • Improved digestion of nutrients

MyBeau Cat & Dog benefits:

  • Quality/high absorption rates (99.5% absorption rates)
  • Scientifically formulated and tested by Industry Professionals ( Massey University)
  • High palatability (garlic and meat flavours)
  • Contains human grade ingredients


mybeau Vitamin & Mineral Dog Ingredients
mybeau Vitamin & Mineral Dog Ingredients


mybeau Vitamin & Mineral Cat Ingredients

Robbie - Border Collie
Unhappy & Unwell Dog
Gail Hamling, Methven

"In two weeks I have noticed a positive change, and from what I've heard from other users, the MyBeau had a lot (if not everything!) to do with it."

"My three and a half year old Border had been unwell for several months, which I was putting down to hectic obedience competition training and shows, travelling and the arrival of a new pup on the scene!! He was tired, miserable, dull coat and eyes, very clingy and generally not happy. He didn't improve with rest over Christmas and blood tests showed that all was normal except for a slightly low platelet count. The Vet said that it must be something viral, and time and diet change should improve it. She suggested a change to premium food for a short time and MyBeau. In two weeks I have noticed a positive change, and from what I've heard from other users, the My Beau had a lot (if not everything!) to do with it. Robbie is now brighter, playing with the pup (instead of being grumpy!!), enjoying training again (in fact first time out this year he was in 1st place in his test!), his coat is starting to regain its shine and his eyes have life!! He's not quite 100% yet, but well on the way. I have my boy back - thank you!!! I will continue to use My Beau even though I will probably not continue with the premium food once the bag is finished."

Crème Freeze – before using MyBeau (dry fur and poor colouring)

Crème Freeze – after using MyBeau “Best In Show” National Cat Show, Wellington

Creme Freeze - Persian Show Cat, Alastair Walls - Rangiora

"He has had no fur balls and has been a very healthy cat all around."

“Gold Double Premier Rojanda Crème Freeze - a 3 year old neutered cream Persian. He was bred in Kurow, North Otago, New Zealand. This cat has been taking MyBeau for the last 3 months and in that time he has been more alert and his fur has got longer and thicker. He has had no fur balls and has been a very healthy cat all around. This product is so easy for him to take, I just pour a teaspoon full over the top of his dry food and he starts licking it straight away, preferring it to his food. So far only half way in this showing season, Crème Freeze has had five “Best in Shows” compared with two for the season last year. The latest “Best in Show” was at the national cat show held in Wellington on June 1st 2003. Crème Freeze and I can really recommend this product 100%.”

Pickles before

Pickles after

Pickles, Dachshund with hair loss problems, Patchway Kennels, Auckland

“In 30 years experience of showing/breeding dachshunds I have never seen a product produce such amazing results in such a short time frame. My dogs have always received a good quality and varied diet including premium dry food and now of course MyBeau. Since adding MyBeau the change in their coat and conditioning has been remarkable.”

Sue Dyer

Female Cat with Hormonal Alopecia

A few years back my female cat 9/10 year's old suffered hormonal alopecia around her legs and thigh area. I bought your product MyBeau her, used it and Wow! The thickness and hair growth were back. She loves it squeezed on chopped up chicken thighs, on the occasions she licks it out the nozzle. Great stuff.

I am going to purchase the MyBeau dog for a friends older dog that has dry skin."

Floyd before

Flyod after

Floyd - Great Dane, Recovery after surgery, Wanganui

"The twinkle in his eyes tells that he is just a different dog from just 6 weeks ago. Floyd's coat and colour speaks for itself."

"Floyd is 4 years old, he underwent major surgery some 12 months ago and although he miraculously survived but he never fully recovered. Floyd was given to us before Xmas ‘03. He was very weak, couldn’t stand for very long and very drawn in the eyes and face. Within days on a diet of just raw beef, baked dog biscuits and 30mls of MyBeau each day he picked up, his trot had a spring to it and he had more sustained energy. The twinkle in his eyes tells that he is just a different dog from just 6 weeks ago. Floyd's coat and colour speaks for itself. After shedding handfuls of hair to a gleamy shiny more evenly spread colour."

Rusty Bovey
Corgi with Epilepsy

"Must be something in your Product MyBeau, Rusty is now 77 days without a epileptic seizure and it has also helped with his arthritis."

"Our corgi Rusty developed epilepsy when he was about 7 ½ years old, approximately during the month of August 2009.

When Rusty suffered from an attack, it would last approximately 30 seconds. He would then lay puffing and panting for around 4-5 minutes post the attack, and then seemed fully recovered for most of the day, although his clock was out of order for most of the day. From the first attack, attacks would re-occur roughly 13 days apart.

The last attack was August 14th so Rusty has had 77 days up to the date of this letter totally free from attacks. We have not changed his food, dog roll or dog biscuits, or done anything differently all this time.

On the 26th of March we took him to a vet for a blood test for epilepsy to see if he needed tablets to help him. The results were that he did not need to go on anything.

We then purchased MyBeau and he has had a teaspoon on his food every day since. He is now quite fit and frisky and full of beans.

Rusty's arthritis has been helped also; if he sleeps for a while he limps until he gets more mobile. We are also very pleased with these results from him taking MyBeau and would not hesitate to recommend it to others."

Update on Rusty:

"Wow! 1 Year & 3 months"

"Rusty is in good condition and is now one year and three months since his last epileptic attack. Thank you for you girt of your products, much appreciated."

Diane Pipe

Jack Russell with allergies

"Our little dog Jack has just turned ten and he has been using My Beau for several years now. I first saw the product on the counter at our vets and thought it looked interesting and worth a try. Jack's main health issues have been allergy related and he has been on steroids a number of times for skin irritations, sore paws and ear infections. Otherwise he is a healthy, happy little chap. Once he started on MyBeau the skin issues seemed to disappear as did the troubles with his paws and ears. What was most noticeable to all our family was how happy he was. He was bright eyed, energetic and full of life when taking MyBeau. There have been several times when I have inadvertently stopped giving him this supplement and we have all noticed a change in him. Just recently, over Christmas, I was very busy and forgot to give him his supplement. We went on holiday and I forgot to take it with us. Within those few weeks he had an ear infection and his paws became pink and irritated. Jack also lacked energy and was quite sleepy. He also seemed to lack appetite. Three days back on MyBeau and he is already much happier and his ailments have all but disappeared.

MyBeau seems to work in lots of ways to make Jack well and give a sense of mental and physical well-being. I would really encourage others to use this product because the benefits are obvious immediately. The final thing to say is that jack loves eating MyBeau. He directs me to the fridge each morning to get it and always eats it first before he eats anything else."

Why feed supplements?

Along with a balanced diet a good dietary supplement is required in order for your pet to avoid disease and ensure good health. Although a good balanced diet will provide a solid foundation, food alone cannot supply all of the nutrients necessary to fulfil their unique requirements. All animals have different nutritional requirement and factors such as age, activity level, environment, genetics and breed will greatly affect the absorption of nutrients from foods. It is therefore important to provide your pet with extra nutrients which will assist the body to successfully work, grow and develop properly.

Liquid supplements vs Powder supplements?

Solid vitamins are manufactured in pill or powder form and have been proven to only deliver 10-20% absorption rates while liquid supplements have up to 98% absorption rates so therefore offer more nutritional efficiency and value for money. Acknowledging the improved efficiency of liquid vitamins over solids it is also important to note that liquids also offer less waste and provide a far superior alternative.

What is MyBeau?

MyBeau is a 'world first' liquid multiviatmin and mineral supplement for cats and dogs. The unique formulation has been scientifically formulated by internationally renown scientists at Massey University and offers extraordinary absorption rates of 99.5%. MyBeau contains both fat & water soluble vitamins and minerals suspended in an enriched omega 3 & 6 base. It also contains flavourings of garlic, yeast & meat for high palatability.

What are the benefits of feeding MyBeau?

MyBeau offers your pet a unique combination of nutrients which will help improve skin & coat condition, assist with food utilisation & digestion, support good immune function and help improve overall health & vitality. Recent Massey University trials have also PROVEN that MyBeau significantly enhances endurance levels and reduces the amount of faecal output. MyBeau will also help with the reduction of fur-balls in cats.

Can I feed MyBeau with a veterinary prescribed diet?

MyBeau has been scientifically formulated to compliment all diets. However if your vet has recommended a strictly specialised diet and medication is involved, it may be best to seek further clarification before feeding MyBeau.

What is the difference between MyBeau & Exceed?

MyBeau has been scientifically formulated for the domestic cat & dog and Exceed has been formulated for the endurance dog. Exceed has slightly higher water soluble vitamins as the endurance dog sweats and urinates more and therefore requires a higher replacement level.

My dog / cat is a fussy eater. Will it like the product?

MyBeau contains flavourings of yeast, meat & garlic for high palatabiltiy. For very fussy eaters it is recommended to wipe a small amount of MyBeau either around the mouth or for cats on the paw. This will encourage the animal to lick it off and get familiar with the smell and taste.

How do I feed MyBeau & how often?

MyBeau has been formulated to be simply poured over a meal. However because the formulation is highly palatable it can be fed alone. For dogs, it is recommended that they are fed daily for 21 days as a BOOST and as MAINTENANCE three times weekly thereafter. It is recommended that cats are just fed three times a week.

Does MyBeau have a shelf life?

MyBeau has been formulated to have 24 months shelf life. It is however important to keep MyBeau below 24 degrees and out of direct sunlight. Many people keep it successfully stored in a refrigerator.

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