palaMOUNTAINS Extreme Equine Plus

For Race / Endurance Horses

2.5L, 5L pouches & 20L carton

palaMOUNTAINS Extreme Equine Plus

VitaPower with the assistance of Massey University New Zealand has scientifically formulated a unique, worlds first liquid multivitamin supplement for horses with heavy work loads which is now proven to deliver superior health benefits often seen within days of feeding.


palaMOUNTAINS® Extreme Equine Plus energy-dense formulation contains both water and fat soluble vitamins and minerals suspended in an enriched Omega 3 & 6 fatty acid base. Extreme Equine Plus also contains the benefits of Creatine which assists with increased strength and muscle hydration.


palaMOUNTAINS Extreme Equine Plus Special Ingredients
All palaMOUNTAINS products have a nil witholding period
palaMOUNTAINS Extreme Equine Plus Ingredients
  • Customer Reviews

    Evan Rayner

    Racehorse Trainer

    Wanganui, New Zealand


    "Even with the younger horses coming into work from spelling it seems to kick start them quickly..."


    “Since I have trialed palaMOUNTAINS Extreme Equine Plus on a couple of my top horses their coats get nice and shiny and they seem more alert and enthusiastic in their workouts. Even with the younger horses coming into work from spelling it seems to kick start them quickly; the product seems to freshen them up. As soon as I put my horses on Extreme Equine Plus I noticed the ones that usually get dry cough no longer show signs. I can’t say if it’s the Extreme Equine Plus that makes them win but it gives them a twinkle in their eyes."




    Peter Hackett - Farrier

    Polo Crosse Horse with brittle hooves

    Wanganui, New Zealand


    "In all my years in this industry I have never experience this hoof improvement within a short period of time."


    "Peanut used to have extremely brittle feet which would tear when driving the nail in. Now there is no tearing and the nails can now go higher after weeks of feeding palaMOUNTAINS Extreme Equine Plus I’m staggered with the improvements. In all my years in this industry I have never experience this hoof improvement within a short period of time."




    Diane Quirk

    Owner of 'Lady' - 36yr old Clydesdale X Mare

    Wanganui, New Zealand


    "My Clydesdale cross mare ‘Lady’  has now reached the grand age of 36.


    She has always been well cared for and rather healthy but since she has been on palaMOUNTAINS Extreme Equine Plus, the changes have been noticeable. After not being ridden regularly in many years, now I find us out on rides a few times a week and she was charging out ahead of the group during a long trek the other weekend. Our vet has kept an eye on her these past years and was amazed during his recent visit as to how incredibly healthy she looked. Her coat has a great shine to it, her hooves are strong & healthy and she has a spring in her step. I totally believe that Extreme Equine Plus has added even more enjoyable years to her life and will always continue to use this wonderful product on all of my horses."




    Clayton Potts



    “We travel some big miles following the rodeo circuit and the travel alone can take a lot out of a horse. My 22 year old calf roping horse not only coped with the thousands of miles we did, but gave me 100% at each Rodeo.


    I just included palaMOUNTAINS Equine Plus daily in his feed. His coat looked great, he felt great and was full of life. At 22 ‘Chips’ held up to a rigorous training and competitive season and I’m convinced palaMOUNTAINS helped him perform and feel so good!”




    Jean Schluter

    Owner of 'Hanzan'


    "I am writing to thank you for the free sample of  palaMOUNTAINS Extreme Equine Plus that I was given after racing Hanzan at Riccarton. Everytime he gets his dose I feel guilty that I have never got back to thank you for selecting us.


    Hanzan has never looked better or brighter in the coat and general well being with his track work etc.


    I have recommended palaMOUNTAINS to all my fellow trainers at Rangiora because I am so impressed with the results. Hanzan won The Cup of Day Maidem 1400m At Riccarton."




    Harness Racing


    Peter Bagrie

    North Canterbury, New Zealand


    “I have now started palaMOUNTAINS Extreme Equine Plus on my other horses in the stable. There are many products on the market, but palaMOUNTAINS Extreme seems to have the magic composition of elements. I would have no hesitation in recommending the product to other horse owners, breeders and trainers”.




    Polo Crosse


    Dr James Gilman, Veterinarian


    "She was a picky eater and in poor condition but now looks much better having used this product. There is no question palaMOUNTAINS Extreme Equine Plus improved her appetite and overall well-being...absolutely no question in my mind."





    Bertrand De Brevedent, Trainer


    “One horse was not eating well at all. It took a few days using palaMOUNTAINS Extreme and now he eats everything I give him. The horse has changed; he looks much better now…terrific! In two weeks he has developed a lot of muscle and is training with a better attitude. I am very happy.”






    Dante Zanelli, Trainer


    “One filly on palaMOUNTAINS Extreme Equine Plus ran three times in fourteen days and just got better and better. She finished 4th, 2nd and then won her third start. The thing I liked the most was she recovered so quickly from each start.”




    Anthony Reinstedler, Trainer



    “I am very set in my ways and sceptical about new products, but after trying palaMOUNTAINS Extreme Equine Plus on a few of my horses I was pleasantly surprised by the results. Overall health and general attitude improved on every animal I tried it on…and in a short period of time. This was confirmed by enhanced performance. I think it is an excellent product.”




    Richard Violette, Trainer


    “palaMOUNTAINS Extreme Equine Plus certainly helped increase the appetites in horses and the lighter horses gained a few pounds. The horses look healthier, their coats developed a deeper shine and their overall condition is better.”




    Some recent winners from the USA for horses using palaMOUNTAINS


    Black Mamba – John Sadler

    Black Mamba, trained by John Sadler, won the Beverly Hills Handicap (G2) at Hollywood Park on June 28.


    Payton d'Oro

    Payton d'Oro won the Grade 2 Black Eyed Susan Stakes $150,000 for trainer Larry Jones at Pimlico Race Course on Friday, May 15. The Black Eyed Susan is the second leg of the Triple Tiara for 3yo fillies, and is run the day prior to the Preakness Stakes.


    I Want Revenge - David Lanzam

    "I Want Revenge" won the Grade 1 $750,000 Wood Memorial at Aqueduct Park. He is trained by Jeff Mullins and is owned by a partnership of David Lanzman, IEAH Stables, Puglisi Racing, and Charles Winner.


    Friesan Fire - Larry and Cindy Jones

    Won the Grade 2 $600,000 Louisianna Derby at Fairgrounds. He is owned by Vinery Stables and Fox Hill Farm. More...


    Just Jenda - Larry and Cindy Jones

    Won the Grade 3 $100,000 Honeybee Stakes at Oaklawn Park. She is owned by Larry & Cindy Jones. More...


    Old Fashioned - Fox Hill Farm

    2nd in the Grade 2 $300,000 Rebel Stakes at Oaklawn Park.

    He is owned by Fox Hill Farm.


    Paradigm - Mario Deslauriers

    First alternate 2008 Olympic Show Jumping Team.

    2nd 2008 $175,000 Chrysler Classic.


    Laura Teodori

    Won $100,000 Grand Prix, Delmar, CA.

    2nd in International Young Rider, Delmar, CA.


    Larentino - Eliza Shuford

    Won $150,000 2007 Hampton Classic Grand Prix.


    Special Verdict - Sarah Tezenich

    Won $25,000 Grand Prix.

    4th in Young Rider, Estes Park, CO.


    Obelix - Mario Deslaurier

    Won $50,000 Esso Challenge at Spruce Meadows.


    Plenty - Eliza Shuford

    Won $40,000 Grand Prix at HITS Culpepper.


    Arthur - Allison Springer

    2nd CIC3* Maui Jim Horse Trials.


    Mani Bhavan - Steve & Lil Klesaris

    Won Adirondak & Spinaway (G1)

    Stakes back to back in just 19 days!!


    Sky Diva - Steve & Lil Klesaris

    Won G1 Frizette & 3rd in 2008 Breeders Cup Juvenile Fillies.


    Bearly Obvious - Michael & Kimberly Clark

    13 AQHA Grand Championships Qualified Open World Show Aged Stallions.


    Peppers Pride - Joe Allen

    With 19 consecutive wins, Peppers Pride holds the North American record for the most consecutive wins by a racehorse. Her career earnings have exceeded $1 million dollars for owner-breeder, Joe Allen and trainer Joel Marr.


    English Channel, Maryfield, Hard Spun, Honey Ryder, Octave, Miraculous Miss, Proud Spell

    Won a combined $4,504,500 in 2007 Breeders Cup Races!


    Proud Spell & Eight Belles - Larry & Cindy Jones

    Proud Spell won 2008 Kentucky Oaks & G1.

    Alabama Eight Belles 2nd 2008 Kentucky Derby.


    Macho Again - Dallas Stewart

    Won 2008 Jim Dandy G2, 2nd G1 Preakness. Won the Grade 2 $500,000 New Orleans Handicap with "Macho Again" at Fairgrounds.

    He is owned by Westpoint Stable.


    Intangaroo - Gary Sherlock

    Dual G1 winner of Humana Distaff & Santa Monica H. Sold for $1.9 million! (purchased for just $37,000).


    Rags To Riches

    Won 2007 G1 Belmont Stakes.


    Spring at Last - Doug O’Neill

    Won $1,000,000 2007 Godolphin Mile.


    Ali Nilforoushan

    Has ridden over 1500 Grand Prix 2000 Sydney Olympics, Won Grand Prix in Montery MX 2007.




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  • FAQ's

    Frequently Asked Questions


    Why feed supplements?

    For a horse to race to its ability, it needs a specialised diet that is balanced and is adequate in quantity and quality to maintain the horse in top form. Along with a balanced diet, a good dietary supplement is required in order for the horse to avoid disease and ensure good health. Although a good balanced diet will provide a solid foundation, food alone cannot supply all of the nutrients necessary to fulfill their unique requirements. Racing horses have different nutritional requirements and factors such as age, activity level, environment and genetics which will greatly affect the absorption of nutrients from foods. It is therefore important to provide the horse with extra nutrients which will assist the body to successfully work, grow and perform to a high level.


    Liquid supplements vs Powder supplements?

    Solid vitamins are manufactured in pill or powder form and have been proven to deliver only 10-20% absorption rates while liquid supplements have up to 98% absorption rates so therefore offer more nutritional efficiency and value for money. Acknowledging the improved efficiency of liquid vitamins over solids it is also important that liquids also offer less waste and provide a far superior alternative.


    What is Extreme?

    Extreme is a 'world first' liquid multivitamin and mineral supplement scientifically for endurance horse i.e. racing, eventing, endurance and rodeo mounts. The unique patent-protected formulation has been developed by internationally renown scientists form Massey University and offers extraordinary absorption rates of 99.5%. Extreme contains both fat & water soluble vitamins & minerals suspended in an enriched Omega 3 & 6 base. It also contains flavourings of yeast & garlic for high palatability and great enjoyment. plus the added benefit of Creatine for more power and strength.


    What are the benefits of feeding Extreme?

    Extreme offers your horse a unique combination of essential nutrients which will help health & vitality, performance & recovery, improve skin, coat & hoof condition, assist with food utilisation and healthier stomach conditions. If fed as per instructions of a 21 day BOOST and then MAINTENANCE, results can be seen within 10-15 days. Your horse will feel much healthier & happier and perform better through taking Extreme.


    What is the difference between Extreme & Show Off?

    Both products assist equine athletes with energy production, work recovery, improved quality of skin, coat & hoof condition and eating habits. Extreme has been scientifically formulated for the endurance horse and contains Creatine which helps aid with increased muscle contraction and offers more power and strength for high intensity work outs. While Show Off has been formulated for the hunter/jumper to dressage, miniatures and breeding/sales and doesn't contain the added benefit of Creatine.


    My horse is a fussy eater. Will it like the product?

    Both Extreme & Show Off contain flavourings of garlic & yeast for high palatability. For very fussy eaters it is recommended to wipe a small amount of product around the mouth to encourage the horse to lick off. Alternatively many horse trainers find it convenient to drench their horses.


    How do I feed Extreme and how often?

    Extreme has been formulated to be simply poured over the horses feed. It is recommended that Extreme is fed daily for 21 days as a BOOST and then MAINTENANCE, three times weekly thereafter.


    Does Extreme have a shelf life?

    Extreme has been formulated to have a 24 month shelf life. It is important to keep Extreme stored below 25 degrees and out of direct sunlight which will ensure the high quality of the product and ingredients.


    Has Extreme got a holding period?

    Extreme doesn't contain any drugs or additives which means that it has a nil withholding period - this is considered safe to be fed while racing.


Helps to supply energy to all cells in the body, primarily muscle.



Necessary for cell growth, the production of fatty acids, and the metabolism of fats and

amino acids.


Folic Acid

Involved in reactions necessary for the creation of DNA as well as important amino acids.

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